We are a group who participate in heavy armored medieval combat. We follow the armor and tournament regulations of the Society for Creative Anachronisms. Our armor and weapons are loosely based on the Varangian Guard, norsemen who traveled to Byzantium to become members of the elite royal guard. Outside of SCA events we perform public demonstrations, especially for the Boy Scouts of America.

OUR ROLE IN THE SOCIETY - We are the defenders of the Shire of Hunter’s Home in the Langstrand of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. We may joke that we are misfit warriors but make no mistake. Our founding was noble. It was created by Vicount Sir Tarbold Celerius First Prince of Aethelmearc who reigned in the winter of 1989. For a breif period of time, 2000-2002AD, we merged with The Commandery of the Northern Cross. We separated again and displayed our new heraldry in 2003. However, this unit has existed as long AEthelmearc has existed and we will fight and defend these lands til Ragnarok.

THE MEANING OF OUR NAME AND HERALDRY - We are the defenders of AEthelmearc's western borders. Vigilantly watching the movements of all those who cross the border into the land’s of Hunter’s Home. Pennsic Field is a no-man’s land, but remember EVERYONE who goes there crossed our border. Our shield is a warning to those who trespass. The sun becomes hidden as the sky turns white with overcast clouds and the fields in front of our enemies' black fortresses are set ablaze. We are the pale horse of death running sinisterly to crush their hopes and lives.

REPOSTER.jpgLitany of the Borderwatch
Before us stand our enemies.
Send them to their gods (reply)
Beside us stand our brothers.
Shield them from harm (reply)
Behind us stand our allies.
Show them the way (reply)
Beyond us stands our home.
Punish their trespass (reply)
Within us is our courage.
Behold the Pale Horse (reply)

Primary Rules of the Fighters
These all have inside meanings that need explanation
  • Don't Cry.
  • Keep your mouth shut.
  • Don't take it in the ass.

Secondary Rules
  • Don't eat orange sausages
  • Don't call artillery on yourself