Thorfinnr y Elsfiord (Isake de Elford)

IsakedeElford.gifPer pale argent and Or, a lion rampant sable within a bordure pean

Role in the Borderwatch

Isake has been sworn as Man-at-Arms to Tarl Shadowraven before the heraldry of the Borderwatch was flown. He is the keeper of the northern armory of the Borderwatch at Elfordhall. As a veteran he has earned the title of Stallari.

Combat Forms

Weapon and Shield, Great Weapon (Polearm and Greatsword), Spear, Combat Archery, Siege Combat, Heavy Rapier, Case of Rapier, Rapier and Dagger.

Titles in the Society

Companion of the Sycamore
Companion of the Keystone
Companion of the Golden Alce
Award of Arms
Companion of the Cornelian

Feats of Strength

Pennsic 44 (2015)
I am very satisfied with my war this year. I don't ever remember fighting so much.
I fought the Century Champions Battle, Armored Castle Battle, Rapier Manor Battle, Armored Bridge Battle, Rapier Village Battle, Siege and Archery Battle, Armored Woods Battle , Rapier Woods Battle , Armored Field Battle , and Rapier Field Battle. That makes 10 war point battles plus the Rapier Poker Tournament, Tarl's Polearm Tournament, Ladies of the Rose Tournament and Pick-up fights with his Majesty and members of the Chivalry.
More than once I used "Skullreach" the 7.5' axe and ripped down sections of shield men. 1-2-3...1-2-3... and fowled the shots of spearmen a 100 times, but that has become a common event now.

I always will remember that sacrifice my squire brothers made in the Century battle. I was not active enough in the past year to be picked for the Century Battle. Arnthor, Lothbroke and Nicolas could have easily stayed-in the battle the entire time. They stepped out so that I could fight. I love the energy of that battle and I was so happy to fight in it. I put all the energy I could into it because of their sacrifice.

The rapier manor battle had a great moment. I lined myself up against the mid-realm prince on the line. I mildly threatened him to appear that all my focus was on him. However, I was hunting his assistants. I would deeply sweep the prince's blade and lunge to the left or the right at the proper opportunity. Within a couple minutes I sent 4-6 of them walking back to Valhalla. The prince noticed his bodyguard disappearing an commented about [just being a slow cross-over], probably assuming that I was an accomplished rapier fighter. I quipped, "Your highness, I am too. I am a polearm fighter" without slowing my parries and lunging for another kill to punctuate the sentence. It was a good moment.

The Rose Tourney was fun. My favorite was fighting Maximus from Lohac. I fought Shield and spear and it was energetic and difficult. I lost the first two rounds and stabbed him in the face on the third. He was gracious, he did not need to fight that third bout. But it was so much fun.

My brothers in arm will probably remember the fact that I fought 3 War Point battles in one day.

Pennsic 43 (2014)
I took too long to record, I can't remember. It was a great year for the unit and my brother in arms, Lothbroke. It was a great moment leading the Tuchux into battle.
I think this is the year that all of Borderwatch that showed to the Century Battle was admitted and picked.
Pennsic 42 (2013)
I was the first to jump off a cliff when the King said charge. It probably should be noted that he wasn't talking to the men on the top of a small cliff during the Woods Battle, but I did it anyway.
Pennsic 41 (2012)
Head Engineer of the Pennsic Kitchen Trailer. I was awarded the Companion of the Golden Alce and the Cornelian on the battlefield. Acted as an alternate for the "Battle of the 100".

Pennsic 40 (2011)
Build two bedroom trailers for my family and modified one for Constance Waite. In the procress I put a 3.5 inch nail into my thumb the week before War. I created a leather hand brace that would let me hold onto my spear, since I had no hand strength in my left hand as a result. Despite my injury I was able to fight in every battle. In the last battle I removed my brace, because I kept coming up short on my attacks. In that battle I killed 4 men in 6 seconds with my spear. That was satisfying.
Pennsic 39 (2010)
The first battle in the new woods was awful. The humidty somehow drained every ounce of our energy and what was left was used to dodge branches and brambles.
Pennsic 38 (2009)

Pennsic 37 (2008)

Pennsic 36 (2007)

Pennsic 35 (2006)

Pennsic 34 (2005)

Pennsic 33 (2004)

Pennsic 32 (2003)
Borderwatch separated from Northern Cross as it self-distructed and we began to fly our colors independently. Though none of us had made tabards yet. We simply removed or covered much of our Northern Cross heraldry. Lothebroke joined us in this year. Caid took over the front of the Battlefield Block and Northern Cross moved to Runestone Hill.
*"Hayforked" a fighter.
Pennsic 31 (2002)
The Northern Cross camp moved to the front of the Battlefield Block with its T-shaped firepit that eagles could admire. I was awarded the "Black Max" for fighting prowess that year. The second to recieve such an award in the group.
*Trapped saracens through the gate
*Attacked Iron Lance
*Halted an enemy charge to the flag
Pennsic 30 (2001)
Camped with Hunter's Home as it moved to the front of the new Battlefield Block. The Northern Cross was formed and our unit of fighters retained the name as the Commandery of the Borderwatch. We developed a heraldry badge to seperate us from the other commanderys.
*Halted Iron Lance in the Woods
Pennsic 29 (2000)
Southern Wood. Hunter's Home moved on top of Mt. Eislenn.
Pennsic 28 (1999)
Southern Wood. This was my first time fighting in heavy armor at war.
Pennsic 27 (1998)
Southern Wood
Pennsic 26 (1997)
Founded Bearos Meridies (Southern Wood) camp on the eastern boundery of Pennsic. I was still a fencer and scholar. Our home on the eastern boundry of Pennsic made us very social because we walked by everyone in order to get to the merchants and battlefield. We made our own 18x24 dining pavillion.
Pennsic 24 (1996)
Camped with Meduseld. I was a fencer and scholar by day and "networked" by night. There are stories, but none to be shared here.
Pennsic 23 (1995)
Attended only the last weekend of War. I slept by Meduseld's fire at night. In the morning I was introduced to Tyra. She attended the same university that fall and a year later we were married.
Pennsic 22 (1994)
Camped with Robeldal. I was a fencer and scholar by day and "networked" by night. There are stories, but none to be shared here.
Pennsic 21 (1993)
Camped with Robeldal. I was a fencer and scholar by day and "networked" by night. There are stories, but none to be shared here.