What do we want to see our group doing by next Pennsic?
Remember that anything we want to do for individuals we will need to make 25!!!

1. LARGE Spear Banner for reform/rally - DONE
2. Larger armor supply cart - In progress!
3. Ballistas - DONE

1. Our unit to look more like the Varangian Guard
- War Tunics to replace tabards
Don't throw away the tabards, just pass them down to newer members. We are going to keep growing. People want to be part of something larger than themselves. We are getting noticed. Your obsolete equipment is new to someone else. :)

- Similar upper torso armor?
Scale, Lamellar, Splinted and Maille seem common in Illustrations. There certainly can be variation. The Varangian Guard were a "merc" unit loyal to the throne (that paid them), so there wasn't a standard kit like there was with the Templars.
Lamellar plate design -

We have been able to get lamellar plates cut inexpensively. They need to be drilled and polished which is time consuming but worthwhile in the end. Julio and I have finished ours and many others are starting theirs. We have two drill presses and two polishing wheels at the "Elford Armory". Come to Sunday A&S sessions to get started. If there is a different plate design you want. You will need to buy an entire 4x8 worth sheet of plates. That really isn't that much money.

This is the best site I have found for lamellar construction and plate design.

- Maille camail on the lower half of the helm if it isn't obviously norse.

This camail is cheap ($40). It would need repaired alot though.

This is a rivited coif that is $60. This is probably a better option. The rivits will make it last a lot longer. and it can be cut it down to fit more helm shapes.

- Pants are red? I bought a couple of pair at least.

1. Giant snow cone machine for the battlefield
2. Heraldic Dress Garb so we can walk around looking spiffy and unified without wearing our smelly stained fighting tunics/tabards.