Constitution of the Borderwatch
Whereas the Borderwatch has remained a well-established fighting unit, hailing from the olden days when the Kingdom of Aethelmearc was but a principality of the East Kingdom and has remained the protector of our western borders until this present day. And that such continued unity and cohesion over the long years is a remarkable feat. It has become obvious to us that the key to our success lies not only in the strength of our commanders or in the strength of our sword arms, but lies deeply within a foundation build upon friendship, camaraderie, and respect between likeminded, yet free thinking individuals. On their own our members are heroic warriors, all, but each has chosen to draw swords and stand side by side as one. Yet we are all free men and women and nobility at heart. Therefor in order to forever enshrine these qualities that we hold dear, we do decree that these rights are to be bestowed to all Border Watch members from this day until the end of days…
Article 1:
Border Watch fights for our home of Shire of Hunters' Home, but members of all the known world are welcome within our ranks.
Article 2:
Border Watch is primarily a melee unit. On the battlefield a member is respected for their melee experience, but any member of any skill level is a valued comrade. Off the field all members are equals and bound only by bonds of friendship.
Article 3:
Members of the Border Watch have the right to choose which events and how many events they go to. There is no mandatory attendance for any event. Likewise members cannot be discourage form attending an event. Seek adventure where you choose, have fun and represent us honorably.
Article 4:
Members of the Border Watch may choose what fighter practices they attend. Border Watch or the Shire of Hunters Home will host fighter practices at times, but no practice is mandatory. Members are also encouraged to teach others and to expand their own skills at any other fighter practices that they wish to attend.
Article 5:
Membership in the Border Watch carries with it no term of fealty beyond that which you carry in your heart. Members may come and leave as their fates guide them. But, with luck, long shall we remain allies.