Beornwulf the Belligerent

Sable, a beorc rune within a serpent involved head to base argent.

Role in the Borderwatch
The role

Combat Forms
Weapon and Shield, Great Weapon, Combat Archery

Titles in the Society
Companion of the Golden Alce
Companion of the Keystone
Award of Arms

Feats of Strength
Pennsic 41 (2012)Pennsic 40 (2011)Pennsic 39 (2010) Pennsic 38 (2009)Pennsic 37 (2008)Pennsic 36 (2007)Pennsic 35 (2006)Pennsic 34 (2005)Pennsic 33 (2004)Pennsic 32 (2003)Borderwatch separated from Northern Cross as it self-distructed and began to fly its colors independently.
Pennsic 31 (2002) Pennsic 30 (2001) The Northern Cross was formed and our unit of fighters retained the name as the Commandery of the Borderwatch. We developed a heraldry badge to separate us from the other commanderys.Pennsic 29 (2000) Pennsic 28 (1999) Pennsic 27 (1998) Pennsic 26 (1997) Pennsic 24 (1996) Pennsic 23 (1995) Pennsic 22 (1994) Pennsic 21 (1993) Pennsic 20 (1992) Pennsic 19 (1991) Pennsic 18 (1990) This is the first year the Principality of Aethelmearc goes to war. The First Prince of Aethelmearc, Vicount Sir Tarbald Celerius, gathers a group of fighters from the western border of the kingdom. He names this group Borderwatch. Tarl Shadowraven is the only original member of this group.