Photos and Graphics is a seperate page that has the heraldy and stencils.
The following are suggested patterns or sources to build your armor kit.

  1. Spangenhelms
  2. Valsgarde helms
  3. Arming caps

  1. Collar gorget
  2. Articulated gorget

  1. Lamellar
  2. Coat of Plates
  3. Off-the-Rack Suggestions

  1. Bazubands
  2. Vambraces and Elbow Cops
  3. Off-the-Rack Suggestions

  1. Articulated Finger Gauntlets
  2. Articulated Mitten Gauntlets
  3. Demi-Gauntlets
  4. Off-the-Rack Suggestions

Hips and Groin
  1. Lamellar
  2. Coat of Plates
  3. Off-the-Rack Suggestions

  1. Shovel Knee Greaves are the perfect compliment to an early period kit. Modeled after Roman/Greek greaves, and modified to meet SCA armor standards, they are light, strong, and just darned good looking! . . .
  2. Greaves only cover the lower leg and ankle.
  3. Shynbalds cover the knee, lower leg and ankle.
  4. Quisses are made to work in tandem with the shovel knee greaves above they replace the floating cop and cover the entire thigh from the top of the knee to the hip socket.
  5. Lamellar Quisses
  6. Off-the-Rack Suggestions

  1. Shoe Selection
  2. Shoe Coverings

  1. Round Shield
  2. Teardrop Shield
  3. Heater Shield

  1. Fighters Tunic
  2. Simple Tabard